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Everybody can sing, and we're on a mission to prove it. 

Pack yourself into a pub with hundreds of strangers, learn a song in 3 part harmony in 90 minutes, perform it twice, and if the publishing Gods are smiling: have it immortalised in video forever.

No audition, no solos, no commitments, no sheet music, NO WORRIES.

Music belongs to everybody. So grab a beer, relax, and simply open your sound hole (your mouth, FYI). It's rowdy, wholesome, and so much damn fun.

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// director


Astrid is the crazy one flapping her arms out the front. She has a few music degrees, including a Masters, and is pretty sure she knows what she's doing here. Astrid runs the rehearsals, arranges the tunes, and attempts a lot of jokes. Her enthusiasm is, well... frightening. She is convinced that everybody can sing, and running Pub Choir is basically of all her dreams coming true. 


// guitar wizard


Waveney is the calm, sassy, string plucker with the angelic voice onstage next to Astrid. You may also see her wielding a loop pedal or an electric guitar from time to time. Waveney has a v. impressive degree from WAAPA, so she definitely knows what she's doing. Waveney keeps Astrid sane on stage/life and keeps everybody else in time and in tune. You'll love her, trust us.


// MC


Meg is the no-nonsense powerhouse MC onstage who keeps the show running smoothly, and gets everybody in the singing mood. Meg also has a music degree - hell, we are some educated mofos! Meg is also one of the creators of Ruckus Poetry slam, a hugely successful, monthly event in Brisbane. Pub Choir is not Meg's first rodeo. 


// videographers


Sleepy Mountain Film, aka Paris Owen and Jacob Sosnowski, film and edit the viral Pub Choir videos and bring the magic direct to your phone screens. They are totes making you #instafamous


// photographer

Jacob photographs Pub Choir nights, and takes - hands down - the most beautiful photos. He will find your best angle. Every. Damn. Time.